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Management of extended stages of Hodgkin lymphoma at EHU-Oran

In the hematology and cell therapy department of the EHU-Oran, 330 patients suffering from Hodgkin lymphoma (LH) of extended stages IIB bulky, III and IV, aged 16 to 75 years were treated from Jan. 1st 2004 to Dec. 31st 2019. In this work, we analyze the profile of these patients as well as the...

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Predictive factors for achieving complete remission in Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Over 90% of early-stage Hodgkin lymphomas and nearly 80% of advanced stages achieve long-term disease-free survival. Achieving complete remission remains an important prognostic factor. The aim of this work is to assess the predictive factors for obtaining complete remission in Hodgkin lymphoma after a first line treatment. Patients and methods: In this retrospective study,...

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Renal failure in multiple myeloma: the hematologist’s point of view

Renal insufficiency (RI) is a common severe complication of symptomatic multiple myeloma (MM), it is related to higher mortality. It is reported in 15 to 40% of patients diagnosed with MM. Its physiopathology is complex; it is associated with multiple and varied underlying mechanisms. Renal involvement is, in the majority of the cases, related...

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What is the contribution of synoviorthesis in the management of hemophilic arthropathy of the knee? Experience of the University Hospital Center of Oran in Algeria

Introduction: In severe haemophilia, a chronic haemophilic arthropathy of the knee is a major and frequent complication. Its involvement must be evaluated clinically, radiologically. Diagnosed at the early stage of synovitis, which is treated by a cortisonic or radioactive synoviorthesis with Yttrium 90. Patients and methods: We included in our study 08 patients...

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Thrombocytopenia and Covid-19 (experience of CHU Oran in Algeria)

Introduction: Thrombocytopenia is considered among the most serious complications observed during Covid-19. Our objective is to describe the thrombocytopenia observed in patients with Covid-19 at the Oran University Hospital, to interpret the variation of the various platelet parameters in our series and compare our results with other studies. Patients and methods: Our study included...

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Fabry’s disease

Fabry's disease is an inherited metabolic disease, of transmission linked to the X chromosome, is due to a total or partial deficiency of a lysosomal enzyme, alpha-galactosidase-A. From an early age, it leads to a progressive ubiquitous accumulation of glycosphingolipids (mainly globotriaosylceramide also called GL-3, or Gb3) not degraded by this enzyme. Cutaneous, neurological,...

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